There is no billing available. Due to issues with expired credit cards, a payment deposit is now collected at the beginning  of the visit and is adjusted to reflect the total time spent once everything pertaining to your care is completed.


At this time, we are not able to accept Medicaid. If you or your child has Medicaid, you must pay the discounted rate at the time of your visit. We are hopeful that we will be able to accept Medicaid in the future.

A superbill for Medicare reimbursement (65% ) will be issued.  If you have supplemental coverage, an additional 20% will be reimbursed.


If you are insured for out-of-network visits, we collect the posted visit fee in full, at the time of your visit. If asked, we are happy to give you a superbill that you can file with your insurance for your reimbursement. You are responsible for the visit fee in it’s entirety even if there is no reimbursement. If you know that your coverage is in-network only, you are advised to request the discounted fee at the time of your appointment.


If you are uninsured, or you know that your insurance covers in-network only, we offer a 10% DISCOUNT off of the posted fees. This non-refundable, discounted fee must be paid at the time of your visit.


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