Are You Ready To Finally Feel Better?

At Takoma Park Integrative Care, we’re all about root cause resolution… digging deep into what causes your dis-ease. Start your journey to feeling better today with our unique integrative and lifestyle medicine program. We will guide you in how to use food as medicine, get adequate sleep, reduce body fat and maintain a healthy body weight, and how to choose the right supplements to maximize good health. We teach you how to use integrative and complementary medicine in ways that maximize benefits, minimize adverse effects, and so much more.

Medically licensed in California, Georgia, District of Columbia, New Mexico, North Carolina, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia

Why maintain certification when you live in an "adult-use' state?

1. HIPAA prtection offers the same privacy measures that apply to your medical  record.

2. Some states  offer medical only hours and discounts (Maryland is one).

3. Access to a larger variety of products and higher potency products that may be needed for certain medical conditions

4. Medical patients may not pay state and/or excise taxes on cannabis medication (Maryland patients avoid a 9% sales tax).

5. Guidance from an experienced healthcare professionals can address your medical concerns and questions, help you target symptoms by choosing appropriate products for your age, condition, and cannabis experience, and avoid adverse effects by proper dosing and  reviewing your other medications and medical conditions that may be impacted by various cannabinoids.

6. Ability to use your medical cannabis card if visiting another state that offers reciprocity:

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, DC, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah, Washington)

7. Avoiding legal consequences if with quantities that are greater than allowable limits for adult use (usually lower than what is allowed for medical patients)


I’ve read the research and have compiled a list of the best suppletments to build a healthy immune system that can do its job – without overdoing it! Go to Dr. Frye’s Vitamin Dispensary for  the best professional grade vitamins, minerals, and nutrtional supplements shipped right to your door.

There is now substantial information in the scientific literature addressing nutritional deficiencies that are linked to poor COVID outcomes.

Based on the evidence we have, I have compiled a list of the nutritional supplements the literature suggests are best suited to boost your immune defenses against the virus.

Ask me about supplements that improve gut health,  increase insulin sensitivity, decrease inflammation, and help with sleep, anxiety, and depression!


Supplements prescribed and purchased through my office can be paid for with your HSA card.

Why Takoma Park Integrative Care?

Too often, people think of “wellness” in temporary terms. They want to work with doctors and take short-term steps to improve their life… and “wellness”… but often fall back to their less healthy routines once they are left to fend for themselves.

After years of seeing this happen with her patients, Dr. Frye wanted to open a clinic that not only helped patients improve their overall health and improve their overall wellness, but also give them the tools to continue their progress “infinitely,” or long after they have left the clinic for good.

What Makes Our Approach Different?

Takoma Park  Integrative Care was founded with treatment without adverse or undesired effects in mind. We still prioritize that idea today.

Our Unique Approach to Improving Health

Takoma Park Integrative Care  brings years of experience in formulating it’s unique and effective recommendations that are individually formulated for you.

Our Philosophy On Cannabinoid Medicine

The benefits of “cannabinoid medicine” can be integrated into your medical regimen Takoma Park Integrative Care. Learn how, and why, we feel it can be so beneficial.


An integral part of Takoma Park Integrative Care’s approach is a collaborative relationship between our doctor and the patient. Our doctor serves as your guide, helping you create health.

General Wellness

General Wellness

  GENERAL WELLNESS PROTOCOL In developing a protocol for general health and wellness, we must consider the most common conditions that negatively impact quality of life and longevity. In the United States, cardiovascular disease (heart attack, stroke),...

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Cannabis & Autism

Cannabis & Autism

There are no FDA-approved medications for alleviating the core symptoms of autism which are impaired social interactions, impaired expressive language, and repetitive behaviors that interfere with the patient’s quality of life. There are very few FDA-approved...

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Cannabis & Autoimmune Disease

Cannabis & Autoimmune Disease

In this episode, John Malanca from United Patients Group and Dr. Patricia Frye discuss aspects of these diseases which include: What is an autoimmune disease? Some of the more better known but still somewhat poorly understood include; Lupus, celiac disease, MS, Type 1...

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Wellness & Healthy Aging

There is now substantial information in the scientific literature addressing nutritional deficiencies that are linked to poor health and poor COVID outcomes. Based on the evidence we have, I have compiled a list of the nutritional supplements the literature suggests are best suited to improve overall health and immune defenses against virus’. It’s important to continue this protocol throughout the winter season when infection rates are likely to increase.

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Prebiotics are types of dietary fiber that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria like Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus in the intestines. Improving the balance of health-promoting bacteria can help prevent disease and alleviate symptoms. Oregano, black pepper,...

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Cannabis, COVID, & Immune Response

Cannabis, COVID, & Immune Response

Here I discuss the role the endocannabinoid system and compounds in the cannabis plant interact with our immune system. Learn about the chronic conditions that negatively impact our immune system and what we can do to help it function in a balanced and effective...

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In Our Patients Own Words…

“Dr. Frye is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Very caring and takes the time to listen to my concerns. Office is very clean and inviting. The assistant Tamika is an added bonus. She always greets me with a smile and knows the products that are available. Will recommend to anyone in need of her care.”

Happy Patient

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