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There’s one reason why Takoma Park Integrative Care has become the premier cannabis evaluation & treatment facility in the DC Metro area… and that’s because of our education, knowledge, and clinical experience. There’s no one size fits all and we are here to help you.

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Takoma Park Integrative Care strives to provide its patients  (of all ages) with the most effective and medically appropriate cannabis recommendations to decrease inflammation, improve autoimmune and GI function, and alleviate symptoms. We are here for you and will do whatever it takes to improve your health and provide a path for continued health moving forward.

There are many ways that Takoma Park Integrative Care may be able to help you with your cannabinoid therapy and improving your health. We will have  questions about your condition and prior evaluations that we will use the information to help decide whether we are the right fit for you, and vice-versa!

Please note that we are by appointment only. However, we understand that there is no way to predict when patients may need a little extra time. We make every effort to accomodate every patient’s needs and answer all of your questions.

No-shows/late cancellations: Your card will be charged $80 at the time the appointment is confirmed and will be applied to the evaluation fee. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy for all appointments. For cancellations prior to 48 business hours from the appointment time this fee is refunded to the credit card on file. The fee is nonrefundable for cancellations less than 48 business hours from the appointment and no-shows. 


How to Choose an Appointment:



Initial Visit:This is a comprehensive review of your medical condition(s) for first-time patients and includes program certification.  A meeting link will be emailed to you before your appointment time as well as an invitation to create a Patient Portal. Once in the portal, several forms MUST BE COMPLETED at least 24 BUSINESS HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT or your may have to be rescheduled . If you need a superbill, one will be issued for your insurance claim.  $225-265 


Brief Return or Phone Follow Up to Recent Visit:

You may be asked to schedule a brief return by the doctor. This is usually reserved for brief follow ups of uncomplicated issues, or help with medication dosing. Not for recertification. $80-95.


Return Visit/Recertification: 

This visit is for patients who have been evaluated previously.  When scheduled, a meeting link will be emailed to you with your appointment time. There you will find the intake form(s) which MUST BE COMPLETED AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT or your appointment may have to be rescheduled. You may request a superbill for insurance claims.   $110-140.







Available for anyone who just needs information.  These  visits do not constitute a HIPAA-protected medical visit unless the patient lives in a state where the physician holds a license to practice.  Suitable for  those living outside of the doctor’s  licensed states. 30 mins

Fee is $150 + $75 per each additional 15  minutes.



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“Amazing care! If all doctors were like Dr…”

 “Amazing care! If all doctors were like Dr. Frye and all offices were run like hers, medical care would be what it should be. Because of past experiences with medical care, I have extreme anxiety at seeing any doctor, especially someone new. Not to worry here. So glad I was referred to her and so glad I went.”

“If you’re looking for an M.D. who TRULY understands the intricacies of medical cannabis”

If you’re looking for an M.D. who TRULY understands the intricacies of medical cannabis and its medicinal properties (for me, pain management), make an appointment to see Dr. Frye. Lovely office staff and easy, attractive office/location too.

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