Speaker Requests

Dr. Frye has lectured extensively to  healthcare, industry, and patient groups on the use of medical cannabis.


Dr. Frye speaks on various  topics pertaining to the use of medical cannabis. Her presentations are geared to the audience, be it healthcare professionals or lay patient groups. If you are interested in having her as a speaker or panel member for your event, send an email to drfrye@takomacare.com.

Popular topics:

  • Cannabis As Medicine in History
  • Special Considerations in Pediatrics and Geriatrics
  • Cannabis Use in Pediatrics
  • Medical Cannabis in Clinical Practice
  • Medical Cannabis: Treatment For Chronic Pain
  • Medical Cannabis: An Alternative to Opioids?
  • Medical Cannabis: Hype or Viable Pain Treatment?
  • Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome
  • Medical Cannabis: Implications in Transplantation

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