“Dr. Frye is extremely knowledgeable and professional.

Very caring and takes the time to listen to my concerns.

Office is very clean and inviting. The assistant Tamika is an added bonus. She always greets me with a smile and knows the products that are available.

Will recommend to anyone in need of her care.” A.R.

“Great service from start to finish.

Tamika, the office manager is the best. Polite, efficient, very professional.

Spent a lot of time with Dr. Frye who teaches about marijuana and explains how it works and what to expect.

Very helpful.” P.L.

“Came strictly for consultation with Dr. Frye.

Pain relief is still caught up in committee; MD state registration should come eventually.

Dr. Frye is exceptionally well-versed in use of cannabis for pain relief. Her broad range knowledge is evident in her questions for the patient.

Dr. Frye provides answers that other doctors have been unable to provide. The substance distracts the stronghold of chronic pain. The substance has anti-inflammatory properties.

Chronic pain sufferers know all about the pain of inflammation. When finally available, lives will change for the better with use of medical marijuana, tinctures. and salves. If use of these substances provide relief of suffering that allows people to reject expensive addictive pills – that’ll be a good thing.

Come here for expert advice.” C.C.

“Amazing care!

If all doctors were like Dr. Frye and all offices were run like hers, medical care would be what it should be.

Because of past experiences with medical care, I have extreme anxiety at seeing any doctor, especially someone new. Not to worry here.

So glad I was referred to her and so glad I went.” J.F.

“I first saw Dr. Frye on July 20, 2016, and was prescribed CannaBiDiol oil, also known as CBD oil, for mood stabilization.

I have been stepping down from pharmaceutical drugs for Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, and ADHD, all of which I have been diagnosed with and all of which the CBD oil is effectively treating. I was on two medications along with 30mg more than the average dose of Buspirone for anxiety, totaling 90 mg, and still felt the physical sensation that comes with anxiety.

I am a professional musician, so I had anxiety with performance as well. I am now off the Buspirone and the CBD oil has taken away all of the physical feeling of anxiety unless it is near time for a dose of CBD oil. Even then, when I take the dose the anxiety disappears within minutes.

I am now performing on my own without a family member there in support because of the lack of anxiety. My friends have noticed and mentioned my moods are even and stable and my concentration on daily tasks is much longer than before the CannaBiDiol oil.

The last 15 years of my life have been plagued by the pharmaceutical industry. However, now I can say that medical marijuana, CBD oil, are changing my life for the better!!

I highly recommend making an appointment with Dr. Frye to discuss how CBD oil can change your life for the better as well!!!

Thank you, Dr. Frye!!!” M.M.

“Dr. Frye is very down to earth and helpful.

I needed a DC medical license to obtain marijuana for my arthritis and depression. The office visit was easy, no waiting.

The doctor herself is very knowledgeable about the product and what I needed for my specific maladies.

I have recommended Dr. Frye to many friends and family members.” N.S.

“My 11-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed with Amplified Muscular Pain Syndrome and was taking all kinds of pain relievers to no avail, missing school, unable to sleep, and relying on a wheelchair when the pain got really bad.

Initially, we thought the only option with documented success was a specialized out-of-state hospital treatment center. We knew it would take weeks to get accepted into the program and then to hopefully get it approved by the insurance company.

We thought we’d try bringing her to Dr. Frye for relief during the interim. The drops and salve provided immediate improvement.

Her pain level is no longer 8-10. In fact, she rarely mentions any discomfort now. She’s sleeping through the night and has less anxiety.

Dr. Frye also suggested eliminating foods that have been shown to cause inflammation, which we’ve implemented.

Needless to say, we are totally pleased and have no need to pursue the other intensive rehabilitation treatment center option.” E.G.

“If you’re looking for an M.D. who TRULY understands the intricacies of weed and its medicinal properties (for me, pain management), make an appointment to see Dr. Frye.

Lovely office staff and easy, attractive office/location too.” J.R.

“In the last 3 years I have been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases.

It is not unusual for many people that have one autoimmune disease to be diagnosed with others during their lifetime.

Both diseases cause chronic pain and the medications for disease maintenance are heavy-duty, but do not always control pain.

I did an online search for some alternative medications and found Dr. Frye.

After my initial visit with Dr. Frye I am using Cannabis Salve, CBD Oil, or Hemp H20 and my pain level is much more manageable!

Thank you Dr. Frye and Tamika for your professionalism and excellent service!” M.J.

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